Serving Those Who Protect and Serve

Our commitment is to the

creation and preservation

of rights for these dedicated employees.


Welcome to Fenrich & Gallagher, P.C.

with Daryl S. Garrettson of Counsel

Fenrich & Gallagher, P.C. is dedicated to providing full spectrum legal representation to labor organizations
throughout the West Coast. While the firm's roots rest with the representation of public safety employees,
we also pride ourselves on the representation of other public and private sector employees.

In furthering that commitment we have entered into "Of Counsel" relationships with
Daryl S. Garrettson, whose practices also focus on the representation of public employees. 
Mr. Garrettson has dedicated over 27years to representing public safety and public sector employees.

Rhonda Fenrich

Becky Gallagher

Daryl Garrettson

Partner of Counsel


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Gazzali Jaleel

Jennie Houts

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